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Arnaldo De La Vega, M.D.

Dr. Arnaldo De La Vega, MD is a Doctor primarily located in Fort Myers, FL. He has 46 years of experience in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics. Dr. De La Vega graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Camagüey in 1975. He completed a specialty in pediatric allergy at the Pediatric Provincial Hospital in Camagüey, Cuba in 1993 while also working as a professor at the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Science in Medicine. He later traveled to Bayamon, Puerto Rico where he completed a year of Pediatric residency. Dr. De La Vega now practices in Fort Myers at “De La Vega Pediatrics.” He is affiliated with Cape Coral Hospital and Gulf Coast Medical Center. He has been a Principal Investigator for Advanced Research for Health Improvement since 2017 having conducted various clinical trials in Pediatric vaccines and other medical conditions.

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