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Let’s Hyper-Focus on Hypertension

the danders of high blood pressure. Learn more in our blog.

The Heart of Hypertension

Before you begin to stress about hypertension, let’s first hyper-focus on what it is. Most commonly referred to as high blood pressure it’s the internal pressure our blood exerts on the walls of our arteries. Now, it’s normal for blood pressure to fluctuate throughout the day. It becomes a problem when blood pressure remains high for too long, as it increases the likelihood of other serious medical concerns such as brain, heart, and kidney diseases. Back in 2017, a new guideline for hypertension management was published by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. It stated that blood pressure at or above 130/80 mmHg was considered hypertension and blood pressure at or above 140/90 mmHg was considered stage 2 hypertension.

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The Silent Killer – Is Hypertension Symptom Free?

The biggest obstacle to hypertension is that high blood pressure usually goes undetected due to lack of visible symptoms. Approximately 46% of adults with hypertension are unaware that they have it. Therefore, it’s essential to measure your blood pressure regularly.

Measuring your blood pressure in the comfort of your own home is appealing. However, we recommend routine evaluations performed by a health professional for a more accurate assessment. If symptoms do occur, they may include headaches, irregular heart rhythms, changes in vision, buzzing in the ears, and nosebleeds. For those with severe hypertension, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, chest pain, muscle tremors, anxiety, and fatigue can occur.

High blood pressure and potential causes.

High Blood Pressure – High Risks

 A common yet preventable risk associated with high blood pressure is unhealthy eating habits, such as the overconsumption of salt and diets that consist of high saturated and trans fats. Other modifiable factors are lack of physical activity, being overweight, consuming excess alcohol and tobacco irresponsibly. Unfortunately, a family history of hypertension or coexisting kidney disease is a non-modifiable risk factor. Despite some things being out of our control, we can always control how we react. By learning ways to reduce and manage stress, routine blood pressure checks, and management of other medical conditions. Put the stress of hypertension to rest and hyper-focus on your health –  you can start feeling better about tomorrow, today.

Here at Advanced Research for Health Improvement, we encourage you to learn about your blood pressure and would love to help you receive better outcomes. We currently have two studies focusing on hypertension which you may find just a click away. Now, to refer a patient or schedule an appointment, call 239-230-2021 or feel free to visit our website. Care for the heart that cares for you!